Curriculum Brochures

The links below will take you to brochures that explain the various grade level and subject level curriculums here at Charles J. Sahs School. We invite you to take a look at these brochures so that you can be better informed about your child's education. The links for Kindergarten through Grade 8 are divided into the regular curriculum (Language Art/Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and the specials curriculum (Family and Consumer Science, Lifetime Wellness, HOPE, Computer, Art, Music, Library, and Physical Education). In order to view these brochures, your computer must have Adobe Reader installed.

Preschool Brochure.pdf
Kindergarten Brochure.pdf
1st Grade Brochure.pdf
2nd Grade Brochure.pdf
3rd Grade Brochure.pdf
4th Grade Brochure.pdf
5th Grade Brochure.pdf
6th Grade Brochure.pdf
7th Grade Brochure.pdf
8th Grade Brochure.pdf