Legal Posting

  • IMRF Compensation Pkg.
IMRF Compensation Pkg.pdf
  • Teacher and Administrator Salary/Benefits
Teacher And Administrator Salary - Benefits.pdf
  • FOIA
  • Contracts Over $25,000
Contracts Exceeding $25,000 - FY19.pdf
  • Budget
FY19 Budget Form.pdf
  • Contract
2018-2022 Contract - Final.pdf
  • Annual Statement Of Affair
FY18 Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • Immunization Report
The Immunization Report.pdf
  • Class Size Reduction Report
Class Size Reduction Report To Parents Public.pdf
  • Letter To Parents Step Up Summer School
Parent Summer Step-Up Letter.pdf
  • Parent Involvement Policy
Parent Involvement Policy.pdf
  • Stevens Amendment
Stevens Amendment.pdf
  • Parents Right To Know
Parents Right to Know Letter.pdf
  • Bully Prevention and Response Plan
Bully Prevention And Response Plan.pdf
  • Free Summer Breakfast
Free Summer Breakfast.pdf
  • Wellness Policy
  • 2017 Audit
FY17 Audit.pdf
  • Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare
Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare.pdf
  • Lead Testing
Lead Testing.pdf