Legal Posting

IMRF Compensation Pkg.

IMRF Compensation Pkg.pdf

Teacher and Administrator Salary/Benefits

Teacher And Administrator Salary - Benefits.pdf



Contracts Over $25,000

Contracts Over $25,000.pdf


FY19 Budget Form.pdf


2018-2022 Contract - Final.pdf

Annual Statement Of Affair

FY15 Annual Financial Report.pdf

Immunization Report

The Immunization Report.pdf

Class Size Reduction Report

Class Size Reduction Report To Parents Public.pdf

Letter To Parents Step Up Summer School

Parent Summer Step-Up Letter.pdf

Parent Involvement Policy

Parent Involvement Policy.doc

Stevens Amendment

Stevens Amendment.doc

Parents Right To Know

Parents Right to Know Letter.pdf

Bully Prevention and Response Plan

Bully Prevention And Response Plan.pdf

Free Summer Breakfast

Free Summer Breakfast.pdf

Wellness Policy


2017 Audit

FY17 Audit.pdf

Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare

Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare.pdf

Lead Testing

Lead Testing.pdf